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LinkedIn Background Photo: Are You Capturing the Opportunity?

The LinkedIn Background Photo is sometimes referred to as a LinkedIn Banner or a LinkedIn Cover, but the official terminology is LinkedIn Background Photo. It is the image that sits atop your LinkedIn Profile behind your Profile Image that spans the width of the entire Profile.

Default LinkedIn Background Photo Design

Default LinkedIn Background Photo Design

There was a time that only LinkedIn Premium Members were allowed to have a LinkedIn Background Photo (LinkedIn Banner), but they have now made it available to EVERYONE! In the old version of LinkedIn, it wasn’t evident to everyone that they were allowed to add this background photo to their profile. With the new LinkedIn format, they have an image placeholder on every profile where the background photo would go. This default image is what the vast majority of people have as their LinkedIn Background Photo.

What Should You Have as Your LinkedIn Background Photo?

Many of the people who have added a LinkedIn Background Photo have simply uploaded a photo of themselves, an interest, their business, and even their family. The problem with just uploading a photo is that it does not have the proper dimensions or resolution for a LinkedIn Background Photo and it gets distorted, which makes it look very unprofessional. Also, since part of your LinkedIn Profile Photo overlays the Background Photo, you may be covering up an important part of the image. Placement of your content is key.

While photos can be nice and interesting, they are not very effective in delivering your company brand or getting people to take action.

An effective LinkedIn Background Photo will include your logo and imagery similar with the design of your website and other online assets. Consistency of brand image is very important. Another VERY IMPORTANT component of an effective Background Photo is your website link. If you want people to know or go to your website, you REALLY need to have your website link in your LinkedIn Background Photo! The new LinkedIn format has buried the website links…no one can find them! It’s made your LinkedIn Profile a horrible referral source for your website traffic.LinkedIn Profile Contact Info Location

Other content that could be included in your LinkedIn Background Photo includes your phone number, a tag line or positioning statement, icons of other social networks letting people know they can find you there too, special award badges, and media logos from news sources where you or your content have been featured.

The one thing you DO NOT want to include on your LinkedIn Background Photo is your email address. I know this may be counterintuitive since you’re trying to get business out of this. However, it is part of LinkedIn’s Terms of Service that you are not to display your email address on the public sections of your profile. This stipulation is to protect your privacy from scammers and spammers. If your website is there and your email address is on your website, you’re covered. They’re going to visit your site before they contact you anyway. Besides, for long term goals, it’s better to get them to connect with you on LinkedIn first!

One final piece of advice is to change it up. Stand Out LinkedIn ProfileRegularly changing your LinkedIn Background Photo can be a way to highlight different products or services of your company, special opportunities, the seasons, or any other reason you’d like to freshen up the look of your profile.

Want to stand out from your crowd? Add a LinkedIn Background Photo to your LinkedIn Profile today!


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